English-Spanish/Spanish-English Medical Dictionary, Fourth Edition

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The single best dictionary for communicating with Spanish-speaking patients!

The dictionary that breaks the language barrier between healthcare professionals and Spanish-speaking patients!

This app contains virtually all health-related terms likely to occur in a conversation between a health worker and a Spanish-speaking patient, including common colloquialisms and slang terms not found in similar dictionaries.

You will have instant access to more than 20,000 words and terms used in medicine, nursing, and dentistry, along with tips, a pronunciation guide, abbreviations, and sample dialogues. The fourth edition includes expanded sample dialogue on history taking and performing a physical examination.

Here’s why this is the single-best Spanish-English dictionary:

• The most useful terms – Updated to include the latest terminology as well as medical colloquialisms and hard-to-translate phrases – covers general medicine,psychiatry, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, social work, and more – lists over 700 drug names

• The most accurate translations – All technical terms have been verified through word frequency analyses on large databases of medical literature in Spanish and English

• The most scholarly – Lists parts of speech; indications of gender; and irregular plurals, preterites, and past participles – provides useful example phrases