Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, Eighth Edition

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Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics is an engagingly written, up-to-date introductory guide to the core topics in geriatric medicine. Since 1984, its goal has remained unchanged: to help clinicians do a better job of caring for their older patients. You will find thorough and authoritative coverage of all the important issues in geriatrics, along with concise, practical guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders most commonly encountered in an elderly patient.


• Numerous tables and figures that summarize conditions, values, mechanisms, therapeutics, and more

• Thorough coverage of preventive services and disease screening

• Eight chapters devoted to general management strategies

• Important chapters on ethical issues and palliative care

• Appendix of Internet resources on geriatrics

Presented in full-color, this classic features a strong focus on the field’s must-know concepts, from the nature of clinical aging to differential diagnosis of important geriatric syndromes to drug therapy and health services. The Eighth Edition has been completely revised to provide the most current updates on the assessment and management of geriatric care.