KJ Lee’s Essential Otolaryngology, 12th Edition

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More than 1,000 high-quality clinical images facilitate accurate visual diagnosis in pediatric emergencies

“…an excellent addition for any emergency department that has the privilege to care for children…it will definitely help emergency physicians provide better care to children.” – Annals of Emergency Medicine (reviewing earlier edition)

Pediatric patients can represent as much as 35% of all emergency department visits. This atlas comes to the rescue of harried EM clinicians by providing a quick-access resource packed with visual clues to injuries and illnesses presenting in emergency situations in patients ranging from infancy through adolescence. Doctor Shah has compiled an extraordinary collection of clinical photographs and imaging studies, and combined them with practical, easily retrievable text. This combination is designed to expedite diagnosis as well as guide the clinician to the appropriate management of pediatric trauma and disease.


• Market: Emergency physicians (38,000), pediatricians (80,000)

• Includes numerous tables, figures, and radiographs

• Organized by organ system and then by problem

• 1-4 images per topic, with brief text detailing “need to know” information for each clinical problem