Lange Anatomy Flash Cards

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How would you like to “ACE” all your anatomy exams and boards? This app will help any health professional student do exactly that while having fun.

This interactive anatomy app with quiz and test functionalities is much more fun and appealing than a dry and formaldehyde-stained anatomy book. Now you can carry all the anatomy learning you need on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No Internet connection needed once you have downloaded the app.

This app contains 250 interactive electronic fully-labeled color images to enhance your knowledge of human anatomy. Every electronic card features a beautiful full-color illustration with a number of interactive learning options. This app gives you a fast, fun, portable way to understand and retain anatomic details needed to “ACE” exams and boards! In addition to helping you identify the anatomic structures, the app provides explanations of important anatomy concepts along with information about the medical relevance of the anatomy.


iPhone app demo narrated by Dr. Richard Usatine