Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies, 6th Edition

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Highly readable, well illustrated, and easy to understand, Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies remains your go-to choice for authoritative guidance on managing today’s obstetric patient. Reflecting the expertise of internationally recognized authorities, this bestselling obstetrics reference has been thoroughly revised to bring you up to date on everything from ultrasound assessment of fetal anatomy and growth, to medical complications in pregnancy, to fetal therapy…and much more!

Key Features:

• Benefit from the knowledge and experience of international experts in obstetrics.

• Gain a new perspective on a wide range of today’s key issues – all evidence-based and easy to read.

• Stay current with new coverage of fetal origins of adult disease, evidence-based medicine, quality assessment, nutrition, global obstetric practices, and much more.

• Find the information you need quickly with bolded key statements, additional tables, flow diagrams, and bulleted lists for easy reference.

• Zero in on “Key Points” in every chapter – now made more useful than ever with the inclusion of related statistics.

• View new ultrasound nomograms in the Normal Values in Pregnancy appendix.